World Bicycle Relief

Mobilising communities in rural regions around the world to thrive with life-changing bicycles.

Children riding bikes towards camera on a dusty road

In many rural regions of the world, millions of people walk for miles each day just to survive. On foot, individuals race against the sun to complete everyday tasks. Distance is a barrier to attending school, receiving healthcare, and delivering goods to market.

World Bicycle Relief believes that two wheels can open a new world of possibilities - especially in places where access to reliable transportation is a luxury. That's why we support people and communities in low-income regions to go after their dreams with life-changing bicycles.

We’ve developed an efficient, innovative, and scalable model to help empower communities of students, health workers, and entrepreneurs in low-income regions with life-changing mobility.

Why Buffalo?

The Buffalo Bicycle isn’t your typical bike. While most of the world’s bicycles are lightweight, complex and made for recreation, the Buffalo Bicycle was created specifically to withstand the rugged terrain and harsh climate conditions of the regions in which we work.

The extremely durable and easy-to-maintain Buffalo Bicycle is tested and assembled in our program countries. The rear rack’s capacity of 100 kg allows the end user to carry heavy loads to market or even another rider to school.

The power of the Buffalo Bicycle isn’t in just the object itself. Coupled with the rider, it is a fierce force for change. 

A woman in front of a colourful mural pushing her Buffalo Bike

The Impact

World Bicycle Relief is a catalyst for change, helping individuals, their families, and entire communities to thrive with life-changing bicycles.

With Buffalo Bicycles, a farmer can transport more produce to market, more grain to the grinding mill, and more milk to the collection center – increasing their incomes by 23%.

Community health workers spend less time in transit and more time delivering life-saving care, visiting up to 88% more patients.

And girl students reduced absenteeism by 28%, were 19% less likely to drop out of school, and reported feeling more in control of the decisions affecting their lives. ­

A man wearing a wide brimmed hat standing by Buffalo bikes

How you can help

Thanks to our incredible community of supporters, since 2005, we've distributed more than 700,000 bicycles in 21 countries around the world to students, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs and farmers. With reliable transportation, entire communities can access critical services like education, markets and clinics.

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our incredible global community. And to reach our goal of 1 million bicycles to empower 5 million people by 2025, we need your help!

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