Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our event embeds an ambitious Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, read about this strategy, as well as our aims and objectives.

A group of young children of diverse ethnicity line up to cycle.


Our event embeds an ambitious Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Framework. Our Pledge is to deliver a world class event that embodies the spirit of community, belonging and equal respect.

Reaching out to as many people as possible is our ambition - to create an inspirational event that builds a sustainable, inclusive future for cycling in Scotland.

Our framework

We want this event to be for everyone. The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Glasgow and Scotland to bring together people from all walks of life around one common goal – the power of the bike.


Welcome everyone to be part of the event

  • Celebrate the rich diversity of people, communities and nations through inclusive communication and the provision of facilities in and around the event.
  • Ensure we are proactive on accessibility delivery, and bringing disability to the heart of the inclusion discussion through our para-cycling events.
  • Create an environment with the UCI which encourage smaller nations to take part through liaison, support and removal of barriers to participation.
  • Develop and implement Inclusion and Accessibility guidelines for event delivery partners to promote best practice on embedding EDI.


Connect with our communities

  • Connect communities to the event through engagement and participation and in its celebrations in welcoming visitors from around the world.
  • Identify groups to partner with to offer free activations and programmes to support those who are excluded, marginalized or who can’t afford it.
  • Increase opportunities for local volunteers from diverse backgrounds to participate and get involved.


Inspire new audiences to ride a bike

  • Work with our partners to develop targeted interventions and programmes to reach out to women and girls, children and young people and wider audiences
  • Connect with a diverse range of athletes and community champions to celebrate different voices in cycling.
  • Share ‘everyone’s story’ through the creation of content, elevating voices of people that have been typically marginalised or excluded in cycling.
2023 UCI Cycling Worlds - EDI Framework PDF 139.8 KB

If you require this document in another format, please contact us at hello2023@cyclingworldchamps.com

“We want our communities to develop a love of cycling and to access the wide range of benefits which cycling offers. This new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Framework will help provide opportunities for everyone, especially those who are underrepresented or less likely to participate in cycling because of barriers they face in their everyday lives. I am excited to be part of a rich, diverse celebration of cycling and to see it continue to prosper during, and beyond the event.”