Strategy and Goals

Everything you need to know about the Power of the Bike and our goals, inspiring the world to get on a bike, one cyclist at a time.

Two children ride their bikes with a parent

The Power of the Bike

The UCI 2023 Cycling World Championships will inspire people to ride bikes. Those people will inspire more people - everyone’s an equally important link in the chain.

Before you know it, those local communities inspire countries and their governments to prioritise cycling. Pedal power for the people.

The result is improved air quality, less congestion, and more kids cycling to school.

Everyone is fitter, happier, healthier.

That’s the power of the bike.

Our Goals

  • Deliver a world class event, safely, on time, and within budget, in a way that provides a model for the future.
  • Engage with new and existing audiences to raise awareness and change perceptions of cycling.
  • Create new commercial streams for cycling and elevate the sport into the realms of global blue-chip brands as a purpose-led event.
  • Lead the coordination of the One Scotland approach, delivering event priority policies, inspiring change and accelerating existing cycling activity.

Our Strategy

We’ll make a measurable difference by focussing our efforts across three key themes.

People - our event is for everyone

Place - our event shows that Scotland is a great place for bikes

Planet - our event will be a climate champion

2023 UCI Cycling World Championships Storybook PDF 1.3 MB 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships Strategy & Governence Outline PDF 540.8 KB