BMX Racing

Want to watch the world’s best BMXers race at Glasgow BMX Centre? Here’s everything you need to know about BMX Racing.

Dates: 06 - 09, 12 - 13 August 2023

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Riders exit the last turn of a BMX racing track and sprint for the finish


The goal of BMX Racing is simple: cross the finish line first. But that’s easier said than done with eight riders and a complex course of high speed curves, big bumps and even bigger jumps between the start gate and gold medal glory.

Spectator Guide

Find all you need to know about getting to Glasgow BMX Centre, the event venue, accessibility information and more, by downloading our Spectator Guide.

How it works

The single lap 400m course at the Glasgow BMX Centre has been specially built to test the top speeds, track skills and racing smarts of the world’s best BMX racers.

The event takes place in four phases:

  • In Round 1, the top 4 finishers progress to Qualifying. 
  • The bottom 4 get a "Last Chance", with only the top 2 moving on.
  • In Qualifying, the top 4 out of 8 progress progress to the Final.
  • In the Final, medals are up for grabs.

Races happen in 30-40 second sprints of acceleration, adrenaline, close calls and collisions. Track position is paramount as everyone fights for the fastest racing line and riders have to be bold if they want to take the gold. 

It’s edge-of-your-saddle stuff that’ll captivate the crowds at the Glasgow BMX Centre from the first race to the final. Don’t miss it.

Get a taste for BMX Racing!

Glasgow BMX Centre

Glasgow BMX Centre,
137 Archerhill Rd,
G13 3LS.

Current UCI World Champions

2022 Season

Felicia Stancil

Felicia Stancil

Women Elite - BMX Racing

Simon Marquart

Simon Marquart

Men Elite BMX Racing

Malene Sorensen

Malene Sorensen

Women U23 - BMX Racing

Leo Garoyan

Leo Garoyan

Men U23 - BMX Racing

Lea Brindjonc

Lea Brindjonc

Women Junior - BMX Racing

Julian Bijsterbosch

Julian Bijsterbosch

Men Junior - BMX Racing

Beth Shriever with an orange brushstroke surrounding her

Fun Facts!

  • The origins of BMX go back to the 1950s in the Netherlands. But BMX as we know it today was invented in Los Angeles in 1969.
  • It was hugely popular with kids who couldn’t legally drive motorcycles, but still wanted to race. The first iteration of the sport emulated motorcycle racing, which is why the bikes are big and they have number plates in between the handlebars.
  • That’s also where the name comes from: BMX stands for bicycle motocross
  • The start ramp is 8 metres high. That first drop is how the riders pick up speed so fast.

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BMX racers accelerating round a berm

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Glasgow BMX Centre

Expect ups and downs with bumps along the way at the Glasgow BMX Centre track.