Gran Fondo

Want to watch cyclists take on Scotland’s roads in a mass participation event? Here’s everything you need to know about Gran Fondo.

Dates: 04, 07 August 2023

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A rider celebrates after crossing the finishing line in first place


Gran Fondo (which translates as Big Race) is a long-distance mass participation event that celebrates competitive cycling for everyone, not just the professionals.

The top 20% of riders from 30 qualifying events held around the world have been invited to compete in Scotland.

Yes, Gran Fondo is about inclusion and community. But make no mistake: between the start and finish line, it’s seriously competitive. The stakes will be high, the battles will be intense, and the times will be quick. 

How it works

In both Time Trials and mass start Road Races, riders of varying ages and abilities take on a beautiful but challenging course. The seriously fast cyclists will be competing for medals, while everyone else is hoping to beat their personal best. 

Traditionally, a huge feast follows the finish line at these events. With Scottish hospitality being what it is, there’ll no doubt be a big party following the big race.

A group of riders in the Gran Fondo event

Fun Facts!

  • The first Gran Fondo took place in Italy (where else?) in 1970.
  • With the introduction of chip time technology in the 90s, Gran Fondos boomed in popularity around the world.
  • Gran Fondos are usually raced on courses between 120 and 200km with climbs of 2,000 - 4,000m. Most events also feature a shorter and less physically demanding course.

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