Indoor Cycling

Prepare to be seriously wowed by Artistic Cycling, and experience another side to the beautiful game with Indoor Cycling.

Dates: 11 - 13 August 2023

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Women Elite Artistic Cycling Pairs competitors Marquardt and Vordermeier of Germany compete in the Artistic Cycling final
Photo credit: Leo Zhukov


Prepare to be seriously wowed by Artistic Cycling where riders perform handstands on handlebars and ride their saddles like surfboards in spectacular feats of bravery, balletic balance and physical strength. 

The beautiful game on bikes, Cycle-Ball will be more familiar, but no less thrilling. Riders must use their wheels to control, pass and strike the ball - no feet allowed. Played at pace with tackles flying in fast and silky skills on show, the riders take bicycle kicks to a whole other level.

Whether it’s goals galore or maximum points scored, the atmosphere will be electric in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena, so make sure you’re there to cheer on your side.

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How it works - Artistic Cycling

The rules are similar to gymnastics.

Riders - solo, in pairs, or teams of four - have five minutes to string together a series of tricks set to music of their choice. 

A panel of judges scores each routine based on the variety of tricks (or “exercises”, as the judges call them), degree of difficulty and execution. Points are lost for incomplete attempts, mistakes, feet touching the floor, and falls.

The rider (or team) with the highest score wins.

How it works - Cycle-ball

Tenacity and technique will be put to the test in 2-aside 14 minute matches on a small rectangular court where the most goals wins.

Riders use their front or rear wheel to control the ball. Headers are allowed and goalies can also use their hands. If a foot touches the floor, the rider must leave and re-enter the field of play. 

The possession game is key and the most skilled riders keep the ball glued to their wheels to avoid losing it to a well-timed tackle. 

The best players on the planet will be in attendance, so expect finger-tip saves and two-wheeled worldies from the first whistle to the last.

Emirates Arena

Emirates Arena,
1000 London Rd,
G40 3HG.

A Cycle-ball athlete wrapped in a purple brushstroke

Fun Facts!

  • Artistic Cycling was invented by circus artists in 1888 as a new way to show their acrobatic skills.
  • Cycle-Ball was first played in 1893.
  • The ball is approx 17cm in diameter, weighs approximately 550 grams and are traditionally filled with horsehair!

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