Mountain Bike Downhill

Want to watch the world’s best cyclists charge downhill in Fort William, Scotland? Here’s everything you need to know about Mountain Bike Downhill.

Dates: 03 - 05 August 2023

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Great Britain's Charlie Hatton competes in the Elite Men Mountain Bike Downhill Qualifying at Fort William


It’s all downhill in Fort William where riders take on jumps, bumps, berms and rock gardens against the clock at white-knuckle speeds of up to 80km/h.

The most fearless will bomb their runs. Others will bail. Only the fastest will win the Rainbow Jersey.

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How it works

The course at Fort William is one of the most mentally and technically challenging there is.

Stretching to 2.8 km long, it drops 550m and every single rock on the way down could potentially end a rider’s run… and there are a lot of rocks.

Riders need to be strong, fit and fearless just to make it through the qualifying rounds. For the finals, the drama keeps rising as they make their way down in reverse order of qualifying quickness and fractions of a second determine their fates.

You definitely don’t want to miss the legendary Fort William finish, where a huge crowd waits to welcome each and every rider that masters the mountain.

Nevis Range

Nevis Range Mountain Resort.
Fort William.
PH33 6SQ.

Current UCI World Champions

2023 Season

Erice Van Leuven

Erice Van Leuven

Women Junior

Henri Kiefer

Henri Kiefer

Men Junior

Valentina HÖLL

Valentina HÖLL

Women Elite

Charlie Hatton

Charlie Hatton

Men Elite

A Mountain Bike Downhill rider is surrounded by a turquoise brushstroke

Fun Facts!

  • The first ever Downhill race took place in California in 1976. Since then, the sport has boomed in popularity as one of the most thrilling bike events there is.
  • Downhill bikes are basically motocross bikes without engines. Heavier than other mountain bikes with bigger wheels and full suspension to deal with gnarly terrain, riders have to be super strong to control them.
  • The UK is home to many Downhill tracks, but as a venue fit for world class competition, Fort William can’t be beaten.

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