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Want to watch the best para-cyclists take on the track at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, Scotland? Here’s everything you need to know about Track.

Dates: 03 - 08 August 2023

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Jody Cundy of Great Britain takes the win in the Men C4 1Km Time Trial Finals


Old records will fall and new heroes will rise at the The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

Only the strongest men and women survive the trials of track racing, where six events will test the power, poise, strategy and stamina of the planet’s best para-cyclists. 

Spectator Guide

Find all you need to know about the Para-cycling Track events, the events venue and more, by downloading our Spectator Guide.

How it works

Para-cyclists ride the exact same events under the same rules as their non-disabled counterparts.

The Para-Cycling classification system determines which Para-cyclists are eligible to compete in different categories of impairment.

Riders go one on one in duels of power, strategy and sprinting prowess. For riders that make the qualification cut, they’ll earn a place in 3 lap knockout heats until only the two strongest riders remain. You’ll see riders come to a standstill, goading their opponent to take the lead - where you don’t want to be until the final sprint.  

Teamwork is everything in this event, raced by trios over 3 laps. Each rider goes all out for a lap before peeling off. When the last rider crosses the finish line, the team has their time.

The rules are simple, but winning this event is anything but. Riders complete a set distance as quick as they can from a standing start.

Two riders start on opposite sides of the track. If one catches the other, they win. If nobody catches anyone, the winner is the fastest time over 4km for men or 3km for women.

A mass start race for solo riders. Men race for 15km, women for 10km. First one to cross the line wins.

Riders test their versatility across four events on the same day: scratch, tempo, elimination and points race. To win it, riders must finish strongly in all four events, rewarding consistency. 

Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome,
Emirates Arena,
1000 London Rd,
G40 3HG.

Sarah Storey, Team GB Rider

Current UCI World Champions

Discover the current reigning Para-Cycling Track UCI World Champions and keep an eye out for them in 2023!

Para-Cycling Track UCI World Champions

Fun Facts!

  • Some para-cyclists ride a typical bike when competing, but depending on their impairment the bike may be adapted.
  • The other style of bike you'll catch on track is a tandem bike. The pilot (the sighted rider) rides on the front, while the stoker (the visually impaired rider) rides on the back.
  • Dame Sarah Storey is one of the most successful Para-cyclists of all time with, wait for it, 26 rainbow jerseys hanging on her wall across Para-track and Para-road!

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