The world’s greatest cyclists will compete across 13 UCI Cycling World Championships in the ultimate tests of talent, tenacity and toughness.

A rider in bright red clothing performs a trick as if suspended in mid air

BMX Freestyle

Spectacular stunts will be on show as riders push the limits of what’s possible on a bike.

Riders exit the last turn of the Glasgow BMX Centre track and sprint for the finish

BMX Racing

Toughness and top speeds will be tested as riders clash in sprint races for the fearless.

Two Swiss artistic cyclists compete in the pairs

Indoor Cycling

Prepare to be wowed by the audacious acrobatics of Artistic Cycling and the bicycle kicks of Cycle-Ball.

Reece Wilson navigates his way over rocks during the Mountain Bike Downhill

Mountain Bike

Bravery will be required in Scotland’s most awe-inspiring and adrenaline-pumping landscapes.

Julian Alaphilippe riding in the Road World Championships in 2021


Fastest wins in long distance battles of speed, strategy and stamina.

Team Nigeria exit the bend and race for the line on the velodrome track


Speed is king on the track, so hold on to your aerodynamic helmets!

A rider uses their leg as a counterweight to balance on a wooden obstacle


It’s all about balance in this incredibly unique test of stability and precision control.