Power of the Bike series

From local clubs to Olympic gold medallists, discover the amazing and inspirational stories of cyclists of all levels from all across Scotland.

Neil Fachie in his rainbow jersey talking to his pilot Callum Brown.

It all starts with a pedal stroke

The power of the bike means different things to everyone, each of us with our own connection to the humble bicycle, with reasons for starting our cycling journey as unique as the roads we ride on.

In this series, we’ll celebrate all things weird and wonderful on two, three and four wheels from across the country. First timers to hardy pros, each story is different. But, throughout each there’s one constant - the power of the bike.

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Jenny's Story

During one of the toughest times in her life, Jenny found the strength to carry on through cycling. Now a leader of women-only Breeze bike rides organised by British Cycling, she now helps spread the positive and life-changing benefits of getting out on your bike.

Neil's Story

One of Scotland’s most decorated track cyclist, Neil Fachie OBE, has overcome near-total blindness to set records on the tandem at the Paralympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

Billy's Story

Founded by decorated Scottish Olympic cyclist Billy Bilsland in 1980, this independent bike shop has been serving Glasgow and beyond for over 40 years. Billy's son Neil now runs the shop and tells us Billy's story in this episode.

Glasgow Track Racing Club's Story

Formed in 2018 and headed up by coach and retired professional track sprint cyclist Jonathan Mitchell, the club aims to build a training & racing community that is fun, inclusive and sustainable.

We hear about the club’s story & how they create a supportive environment for their growing membership of over 40 riders. Everyone from beginners to world champions is welcome and the club is passionate about showing how cycling can be a sport for everyone, regardless of age, ability or gender.

Farr Out Deliveries' Story

Farr Out Deliveries, are an Edinburgh-based cargo bike delivery company. Their mission is to establish cargo bikes as the most viable choice for inner city logistics. Their bikes make them quicker, cheaper and more efficient than traditional alternatives.

Glenn's Story - Cycling Without Age Scotland

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