Fiona Reddick

Meet Fiona, a former Mountain Bike Cross Country competitive cyclist - read about her story of helping at local and international events!


Meet Fiona Reddick, a former competetive Mountain Bike Cross-country cyclist who has more recently turned her hand to volunteering at a number of events, locally, nationally, and even internationally. 

Hear about her experiences of volunteering at major events, get inspired and sign up to be a volunteer with the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships! 

How did you get involved with volunteering?

I used to take part in the Scottish Cross Country Series (a good few years ago!) and therefore saw all the effort that goes into making races run smoothly and safely.

After I stopped riding in these races in I still wanted to be involved and have had the opportunity to help out initially at local events and since then national and international events.

What was your first volunteer experience?

I actually can’t quite remember! But it may have been at a memorial race for a friend (Alistair Lees) held at Innerleithen.

How has volunteering positively impacted your life?

It’s always a positive experience, even if things don't go completely smoothly!

You are surrounded by people doing what they love so it’s very upbeat, and I always finish the day feeling that I’ve contributed to something and had a lot of fun at the same time.

You meet new people, but you always also catch up with folk you haven’t seen for a while too - if you've volunteered before.

It has increased my confidence, doing sign on at a major event can initially be a bit daunting but there's plenty help at hand to guide you through!

What has been your favourite volunteer experience?

It's hard to single one out, but I think the Enduro World Series that was held at Innerleithen this year was great!

The event village was superb and the organisation was fantastic, it was good to be part of such a professional but fun event and I met great people from other parts of the UK and beyond.

Why are you looking forward to the 2023 UCI Cycling Worlds?

It’s the first ever UCI Cycling World Championships and they’re being held in Scotland, with some events right on my doorstep! 

What event during the 2023 UCI Cycling Worlds are you most excited about?

Has to be the Mountain Bike Cross-country for me! 

What positive impact will the event have on Scotland?

It will bring people to Scotland which will benefit the local economies and I hope let new visitors to Scotland see how fantastic it is and what it has to offers.

I hope it encourages and enthuses people to perhaps get on a bike if they’ve not ridden one for a while or try it if they’ve never done it before!

Why would you encourage others to get involved?

You will have great fun, meet new people and will finish on a high - no matter how tired you might feel by the end!