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Perth skyline and River Tay

Host regions confirmed for Gran Fondo

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Cycle-Ball players battle it out to score the most goals

What is Cycle-Ball?

A frantic game of football on two wheels, and it's one of the most jaw-dropping Championships you'll see this summer. Welcome to Cycle-ball!

Blog post 1 March 2023

4 artistic cyclists performs a figure, the image shows the full court and fans watching

What is Artistic Cycling?

It’s cycling but not as you know it! Picture handstands on handlebars and get ready to be on the edge of your seat.

Blog post 20 February 2023

BMX Racing riders launch themselves down the start ramp

BMX Racing: the ins, outs, ups & downs

Imagine a 400m sprint, but on bikes. With a giant hill for a start line, jumps, berms, no lanes, and crashes. That’s BMX Racing!

Blog post 11 January 2023