21 April 2023

Keep it clean - all you need to know about invasive and non-native species

The 2023 UCI Cycling Worlds will be a great way to explore Scotland’s natural environment, but we all have a responsibility to help protect it.

Taking part in 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships events is a great way to explore Scotland’s natural environment but we all have a responsibility to help protect it.

The spread of invasive non-native (or alien) species (INNS)is becoming a major issue because they compete with native plants and wildlife, which can cause significant changes to entire ecosystems that harm the economy, environment, and human health. 

The introduction or spread of INNS can occur when sports equipment, clothing, footwear, or vehicles are contaminated for example with seeds, spores, eggs or larvae. If these manage to survive, thrive and become established, they can pose a serious threat to native species and their ecosystems.

Everyone visiting Scotland for the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, from spectators to teams, can help prevent the introduction of INNS by following this simple ‘Keep it Clean’ biosecurity routine:



Before travelling to a 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships event location please ensure that you check and clean your bike and equipment using the below guidance. Don’t give invasive species an easy ride!


Check bikes, equipment, clothing, and vehicles for any soil, dirt, mud, or plant material.

Pay particular attention to areas that are damp or hard to inspect, for example under mud guards, or treads in tyres. Seeds can also collect in the dust at the bottom of your bags, so be sure to shake your bags and bike travel case before packing.


Clean and wash all equipment thoroughly with water. Ensure that anything washed off is contained and disposed of onto a surface, such as gravel or hard-standing ground, where it can be dried out and prevented from entering any watercourse or drainage system.

Brush off shoes, clothes, and equipment to dislodge seeds that may be attached. A stiff brush works best, but your hand or cloth can also work.

Some event locations may have designated cleaning stations, if so please check and clean your bike and equipment on site before leaving the event location.



Read the full Keep It Clean information pack at Forestry.scot

Don’t forget to check and clean before visiting another 2023 UCI Cycling World Championship event, or other locations around Scotland and Great Britain.

This guidance has been developed in collaboration with the UCI, NatureScot, Forestry Scotland and the IUCN. The UCI is a signatory to the Sports for Nature Framework and committed to taking action that contributes to global biodiversity goals.