22 June 2023

What is Trials?

The ultimate test of bike-based poise, agility and technical skill. Welcome to Trials!

This bunny-hopping, gravity-defying, gymnastics-on-wheels discipline looks crazy (and it is), but the aim of the game is brilliantly simple: don’t put a foot on the ground.

But that’s easier said than cycled, as riders have to navigate around obstacles that have been specially designed to make them lose their balance!

The course looks like a kid’s playground, but these riders take every pedal, hop and jump extremely seriously - one fall and the dream could be over. 

Trials is the ultimate test of bike-based poise, agility and technical skill. 

A trials rider sticks one leg off the bike to balance themselves on a trial segment

No Saddle? No Sweat

The first thing you’ll notice is the bicycles themselves. From geometry to features, they’re unlike any other. 

They have to be as lightweight as possible, with riders spending a lot of time airborne with tricks like side hops, hooks and back wheel jumps.

There’s no saddle, because they add unnecessary weight and riders need the extra clearance to contort their bodies. That’s why the frame height is always as low profile as it can be. And nobody - riders nor spectators - will be seated for a discipline this exciting!

You’ll also see wider handlebars and a thicker rear wheel, which help riders make their acrobatic moves around the course.

The other thing to note is the brakes. They are tuned to be extremely powerful, which allows the riders to gracefully stop on a dime on demand.

A Spanish trials rider leaps over a rock whilst on bike

How Do You Win?

Riders have two minutes per section to follow the arrows, stay within the course line and snake their way around and over obstacles, which increase in difficulty as the course goes on. 

If no feet or part of the bike (other than the tires) touches the ground, or they haven’t used their hands or arms to re-balance on an obstacle, they’ve done the job - a clean round is a dream round.

Whoever puts the most clean rounds together will take home the gold.

Ones to Watch in August
Jack Carthy riding a Trials bike under the lights in Abu Dhabi

🇬🇧 Jack Carthy

The reigning men’s UCI World Champion and World Cup holder, Jack is one of the most spectacular riders on the scene. What he can do with a bike - including 7ft jumps - should not be possible!

Nina Reichenbach pulling a wheelie to get over a rock on a trials bike

🇩🇪 Nina Reichenbach

There is no obstacle that Nina fears. Her ice cold demeanour has won her a stunning five UCI World Championships to date and she’s hungry for more.

Vera Baron holding her bike above her head in celebration

🇪🇸 Vera Baron

Back in 2021, the up-and-coming Vera beat the aforementioned Nina in a world championships final for the ages. That was Vera’s first title… and given her natural talent it won’t be the last.

Borja Conejos jumping over a rock on his trials bike with a sky scraper in the background

🇪🇸 Borja Conejos

Another winner in the 2021 world champs, Borja is a machine when it comes to claiming clean rounds. His flawless execution combined with his fearlessness will no doubt be on full show in Glasgow.

Don’t Miss Out!

Make sure you’re part of the action and watch riders hop their way to glory at Glasgow Green this August!