Discover the best accommodation and places to stay in Scotland during your visit to the 2023 UCI Cycling Worlds in Glasgow and across Scotland.

A view of Edinburgh looking down the Royal Mile.

Where can I book accommodation?

For information on accommodation across Scotland - please check out our friends at VisitScotland.


Complete visit packages

For complete packages, Sportive Breaks are our official fan and amateur participant travel and experiences provider!

Cycling tours, accommodation and event packages alongside hospitality and VIP experiences are all available to book now. For those looking to compete in the Gran Fondo, hotel and support packages are also available.

Please visit Sportive Breaks for more information.

Can I camp, or stay in a caravan or campervan in Glasgow City Centre?

Glasgow has a strict policy of no camping, caravanning and camper vanning within the city boundaries.

Please book a pitch on one of the many commercial camp sites outside the city and travel in using public transport.

Please read the Scottish Outdoor Access Code’s Guide to Responsible Camping in Scotland if you are planning to camp. Please book your campsite space in advance.

What about the rest of Scotland?

There is no provision for tents, campervans and caravans in areas surrounding venues. Please do not camp or park your vehicle on access roads, laybys or verges surrounding venues.

Please book a pitch in advance on one of the many commercial campgrounds to be found near venues, and use Park & Ride shuttle buses (where available) or public transport, to travel to your chosen venue. 

If you are considering camping or using a campervan or caravan during your trip, please read The Scottish Outdoor Access Code Guide to Responsible Camping to make sure you, and others, have the best experience. Please do not turn up to campsites without booking in advance.