Visit Responsibly

Make sure to plan ahead and enjoy a responsible visit to Scotland.

Responsible tourism aims to make places better for people to live in and visit
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Visit Responsibly

Whether you are a visitor from Scotland or are travelling from across the UK or internationally, consider the area you are visiting and how best to plan and enjoy a responsible trip.

Responsible tourism aims to maximise the positive benefits of tourism for everyone - spectators, visitors, local communities, businesses, and the environment. For more information and hints and tips, look at the sustainable travel section on

A number of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championship events take place in rural settings. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) offers guidance on how to engage responsibly with Scotland’s landscapes and local communities.

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Scotland is renowned, the world over, for its stunning scenery and you can help us keep it that way for generations to come, by using designated on-site toilet facilities and by taking all your belongings and litter home with you after the events. 

Responsible tourism aims to make places better for people to live in and visit
Responsible tourism aims to make places better for people to live in and visit

Keep it clean, protect our forests

Our forests are at risk from pests and diseases, which can affect the health of our trees and devastate large areas of woodland. You’re our best defence, so before you visit an event, please wash shoes, bikes, equipment and your dog, to help slow the spread of diseases and preserve our
woodlands. Find out all you need to know about invasive and non-invasive species.

Camping, caravanning and camper vanning in Scotland

There is no provision for tents, campervans and caravans in areas surrounding venues. Please do not camp or park your vehicle on access roads, laybys or verges surrounding venues.

Please book a pitch in advance on one of the many commercial campgrounds to be found near venues, and use Park & Ride shuttle buses (where available) or public transport, to travel to your chosen venue. 

If you are considering camping or using a campervan or caravan during your trip, please read The Scottish Outdoor Access Code Guide to Responsible Camping to make sure you, and others, have the best experience. Please do not turn up to campsites without booking in advance.


Scotland’s forests and mountains are teeming with wildlife, who call these places home. Let’s look after our furry and feathered friends, by not disturbing them and leaving their habitats as you found them.